All in one

NAUPAR gladly offers you all the comfort on board. With this service package you do not need to buy the basic items that you need on board yourself. The service package, which has a fixed price, will be on board as soon as you arrive. The package consists of various new / clean products (unopened pack). After use, you can take the package with you, except for the kitchen towels and tea towels.

Content of the package

Garbage bags, kitchen towels, tea towels, wipes, kitchen roll, dish soap, detergent, dishwashing brush, toilet paper, liquid hand soap with pump for the kitchen, pepper / salt, coffee filter.

The costs depend on the maximum number of persons of the ship.

Basic service package

Price by ship size (based on standard number of beds per ship)

  • • 0 - 19 beds: 45,00 €
  • • 20 - 27 beds: 55,00 €
  • • 28 - 34 beds: 65,00 €
  • • more than 35 beds: 75,00 €