In the spotlights: Christiaan Prins of the Welvaart

Lelystad, 19 August – Every month we introduce you to one of our skippers, and this month is the turn of Christiaan Prins, the enthusiastic skipper of the Welvaart. This impressive clipper has now been sailing for more than 100 years. First between North Holland and Friesland with mountains of coal and manure on board, and now as a luxury passenger ship on the waters of the Netherlands.

The Welvaart

On board the Welvaart is a wonderful place to stay. Both in the deep, recessed cockpit on deck and in the spacious day accommodation below deck. Choosing the Welvaart means choosing an unforgettable cruise. And that is also precisely what Christiaan Prins strives to achieve: "I want to be able to look back on inspiring cruises, where every day is different.”


Christiaan Prins is an exceptionally enthusiastic and passionate skipper: "As soon as I cast off and set the sails I forget time”, he says, "I can make sailing interesting for myself and the clients every day because my profession keeps me fascinated, and I like to pass this on to the people who sail with me”.