Nice to meet you: Wilfred

Lelystad,6 May2015 – NAUPAR is launching something new. Every month we will put one of our captains in the spotlight. This month it is the turn of Wilfred, captain of the classic Sudwester.


Wilfred is an enthusiastic, friendly captain who attaches a great deal of value to satisfying the people on board: "Every day it is great to see how people enjoy something that they have really worked for.”, explains Wilfred. "Of course, this is also something that we captains are proud of. You work hard precisely to present your product neatly and tidily to your customer.”


Wilfred is exceptionally proud of the fact that a great many people return to his ship every year for their holidays: "Naturally, this also involves listening carefully and responding to the customer"s wishes. The recurrent trust of a great many customers make this a beautiful and good appreciation that you can get for your work.”

Regrets? No way!

"When I look back on the time that I have worked as a captain I have absolutely no doubt to this very day that I made the right choice to become owner of the Sudwester.”, says Wilfred. "This has given me the best job in the world... A sailing professional captain!”.