Introducing: Niels and Renee, skippers of the Bontekoe

Lelystad, 15 December 2016 – Today, we are pleased to introduce Niels and Renee, the skippers of the Bontekoe. This spacious clipper is currently undergoing a metamorphosis. The couple is expecting a child at the end of February and wants to make sure the boat is fully prepared for this life-changing event. "There needs to be enough room for three people, the cabin needs to be made more child-friendly and we need to create more storage space,” explains Niels.

Baby on board

Niels and Renee have been together for eight years and this year marks their fourth season on the Bontekoe. The couple is delighted to soon be welcoming a baby on board. "It feels completely natural for us to live on the water, even with a baby,” says Niels. "We"re doing our best to make it a smooth transition,” adds Renee. That is why changes are now being made to the Bontekoe. Not only is the cabin being remodelled, but the sleeping quarters are being updated and a bit of carpentry work is being carried out.

Passion for sailing

Niels' passion for sailing seems to have come out of nowhere. "It just sort of happened," says Niels. "I was sitting in the pub and was asked if I wanted to be a mate. It sounded like a good idea.” Renee"s passion for sailing, however, began at a very young age. "My father was a sailor 30 years ago and, as long as I can remember, I wanted to sail with him," says Renee.

Favourite sailing area

Both Niels and Renee love the Waddenzee. "We had a wonderful time sailing there last year along a little frequented route near the northern end of Texel. Ships sail here too, but not continuously,” says Niels. The IJsselmeer is another favourite. "Here you can sail very long distances in one go,” says Renee.

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