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Sailing near Zeeland

Zeeland, the province with the highest number of sun hours, beautiful scenery and clean salty water. If you go sailing near Zeeland you are likely to see seals and porpoises. Around the Western Scheldt, Eastern Scheldt and Haringvliet you will find many picturesque towns such as Veere, Zierikzee, Middelburg, Brouwershaven, Willemstad and Hellevoetsluis. Pay a visit to the Delta Works, see the many places of interest and take a stroll through the medieval streets. At the end of the day you return on board your authentic clipper.

Sailing on the Eastern Scheldt

The Eastern Scheldt used to have a direct connection with the sea, but the construction of the Eastern Scheldt barrier changed this. The sea connection has not been closed off completely, however, so the differences between high and low tide and the currents continue to exist. The skippers of NAUPAR all have more than enough experience to sail the Eastern Scheldt. This is important, as the tidal difference at, for instance, Yerseke is more than 3 metres (10 ft).

Sailing on the Western Scheldt

Every year there are tens of thousands of ships sailing the Western Scheldt. Apparently the attractiveness of the towns of Vlissingen, Terneuzen, Ghent and Antwerp is so high that the busy traffic makes no difference. Manoeuvring among small ships and impressive seagoing vessels requires a good knowledge of currents and good navigation skills.  However, during your sailing trip near Zeeland you do not have to worry about that. The skipper will do his job, so you only have to enjoy the sailing and the magnificent view. You will sail along several sandbanks in the Western Scheldt. These are the ideal resting place for seals and sea birds, which are abundant in the waters around Zeeland.

Enjoy yourself during your sailing trip on the Haringvliet

Since the open connection with the North Sea was closed off, the large inland lake called Haringvliet has been a Valhalla for skippers and passengers sailing near Zeeland. The towns of Hellevoetsluis and Middelharnis offer visitors the authentic atmosphere of a fishing town. Apart from these interesting towns, however, Haringvliet  has more to offer, as it is also an area of great natural beauty. Thus, sailing near Zeeland has something to offer to both lovers of the Zeeland culture and admirers of pure nature.