What is in the service-pack-basic?


NAUPAR would like to offer you every convenience on board. This means that you do not have to buy the basic articles that you need on board. For a fixed fee we will ensure that the service package is already on board when you arrive. The package consists of new/clean products (unopened packaging). After use you can take the package with you, with the exception of the kitchen towels and tea cloths.

Contents of the package: Dustbin bags, kitchen towels, tea towels, wash cloths, kitchen roll, cleaning agents, washing up brush, toilet paper, liquid soap with a pump dispenser in the galley, pepper/salt and coffee filters.

The costs depend on the maximum number of persons on the ship.

Max. number of persons per ship/Amount per ship

  • 0 – 19 persons / € 45,00
  • 20 - 27 persons / € 55,00
  • 28 – 34 persons / € 65,00
  • More than 34 persons / € 75,00

You can order the basic service package up to four weeks before departure. If you have ordered catering you do not need to order the package. The products are then already included. You pay the skipper cash on board for the basic service package."