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Well Insured with NAUPAR

All of NAUPAR’s ships are all-risk insured. Additionally, the crew has a third-party insurance covering their liability towards the passengers. It is strongly advised that an insurance is taken out for the group as well. You will receive an application form for this type of insurance with your travel documents.

>> Insurance for day trips
>> Insurance for several days

Insurance for day trips (party policy)

Whether you are boarding in order to have a great party or a business meeting, you want to enjoy the wonderful ambience of the ship and the water in both cases. Everything must be arranged correctly, and the party policy is essential. Because if anything should nevertheless go wrong, you have outstanding insurance cover. This insurance policy enables you to insure the different aspects of your trip. For example, catering and entertainment. This insures you against cancellation due to causes such as illness of one of the core people or failure to depart due to strong winds.

>>Download the party policy brochure immediately.

The premium (see application form is calculated over the total of the insured amounts. The policy costs are € 5 Minimum premium € 10.

Damage claims.
If you wish to cancel your trip, or if you have suffered damage during your trip, you can contact Lodewijk Assurantiën directly.

Lodewijk Assurantiën
Antwoordnummer 1921
8090 VB Wezep
Telefoon +31 (0) 38 376 17 01

Insurance for several days

NAUPAR is the only company in The Netherlands that has an insurance that is specifically designed for groups that rent a sailing ship. It is a reassuring thought to take out an insurance. Below you find the advantages listed:
•    One Insurance for the entire group;
•    Group cancellation possible;
•    Reimbursement in case the ship cannot sail due to strong wind;
•    Professional assistance in case of an emergency;
•    Luggage and group luggage co-insured;
•    Also applicable on the day of departure and arrival of the group.
With your booking, you will find an insurance proposal. Once your payment has been received, this document becomes your insurance policy.

Why this insurance?
Organizing and/or leading a group outing is a big responsibility. With this insurance, you will not be alone in this. All participants are standardly ensured of direct, personal assistance in case of troubles, emergencies, or illness. Also the loss of your luggage, group luggage such as provisions, brought (teaching) materials and equipment, and damage caused as a result of extreme sports are covered.

For those who lead the trip and participate in it, but also for those who stay at home, this is a comforting thought. Circumstances may hold you back from going on your booked trip or holiday. And also when you have already left, there may be reasons to break off your journey. With this extensive insurance, the costs caused by this will be covered.

What exactly will be paid out?
Standardly, in case of a cancellation before departure, the full sum will be paid out, provided that the reason of the cancellation is mentioned in the conditions as being a valid reason. If the trip is broken off, the remaining days of the trip will be reimbursed.
The risk that you will not be able to sail for one or more days due to strong winds or storm or due to the fact that a storm is expected by the meteorological institute is standardly insured. The group cancellation will ensure that in case of death or severe injuries of one of the leaders, the entire travel group has the right to receive a reimbursement. In case of the death of one of the participants, this is applicable from five days in advance of the trip to the last day of the trip. Personal (medical) aid, extra travel- and accommodation expenses are always compensated at cost price. With different coverage, there are also different sums covered. These can be checked in the coverage overview.

Who are insured?
With this insurance, all participants in group trips are excellently covered. All fellow travellers of the person booking the trip are covered for the expenses of cancellation, both before and during the trip. Four weeks in advance of your trip, a completed list of all participants is to be sent to NAUPAR. The insurance provides coverage within Europe.

How can I report my damages?
If you wish to cancel your trip or if you have incurred damages during your trip, please download one of the below forms to suit the situation that applies to you.

Please fill out the form in full and return a signed copy to:

Europeesche Verzekeringen
Afdeling Reisschade
Postbus 12920
1100 AX Amsterdam

Cancellation claim form (Dutch)

Travel insurance claim form

What are the costs?
The total contribution is only 6% of the total travel sum (rental ship plus extra services) excluding € 11,00 of insurance policy costs and assurance taxes per ship.

Why Europeesche insurances?
De Europeesche is an expert when it comes to travel and recreation insurances. Via De Europeesche you will be excellently insured, at a very keen premium.

How can I take out the insurance?
Together with your rental agreement, you will receive an insurance proposal. The moment your payment is received, this document becomes your insurance policy.

It is very important that you take out a cancellation insurance immediately once you book your trip in order to be enabled to fully enjoy the coverage.

Four weeks in advance of your trip, a completed list of all participants is to be sent to NAUPAR.

General Conditions.
You can download the general conditions here.