• NAUPAR announces Tophost 2018 winners


    NAUPAR has announced the winners of Tophost 2018, the most hospitable skippers in the charter segment. Although the standard of quality provided by all skippers within NAUPAR is extremely high, in the end it was the skippers of the traditional ships Ambiance, Allure, Eenhoorn, Res Nova, Sudwester and Summertime that scored just that little bit higher than the rest. They are performing above average when it comes to homing in on the needs of their guests and going the extra mile in terms of delivering an unforgettable experience for them. ‘Something to truly be proud of’, adds Pouwel Slurink, Director of NAUPAR, ‘because these ratings are based on reviews from our guests!’

  • Explore beautiful destinations with clipper Avondrood

    Explore beautiful destinations with clipper Avondrood

    Rob is captain of the clipper Avondrood (Evening Red). He has extensive experience with groups and will be sailing for the 21st time this summer. “There’s never a dull moment,” he tells us enthusiastically, when asked about his long track record. He has been sailing the IJsselmeer and Wadden Sea for many years and knows exactly where to anchor for great swimming or a special evening in the middle of nature – with the mobile phones switched off.

  • Memorable experiences on the Boekanier

    Blog - Auf der Boekanier gibt es immer was zu erleben

    Joop is the proud owner of the Boekanier. He makes every effort to please his guests while sailing this 33 metre-long clipper.The Boekanier’s home port is Makkum, from where it sails to the IJsselmeer and the Wadden Sea, Joop's favourite destination. Why? Read on!

  • Meet Luca Spano, captain of the Hester

    Blog - Kurz vorgestellt: Luca Spano, Skipper der Hester

    At the young age of seven years, he stood at the helm of the four-masted Barkentijn Summertime, having the time of his life. Today, thirteen years later, he is the owner and captain of the 40 metre-long clipper Hester and the youngest charter sailing captain in the Netherlands. We are proud of this young professional, with his contagious passion for sailing, which he manages to convey to groups in a fun and inviting way. He also makes sure to fit in plenty of opportunity for fun during his sailing trips. Luca loves to combine sailing and games, so that every journey is an unforgettable experience for our guests.

  • The Auwe Neel has a new skipper: Deetlef

    The Auwe Neel has a new skipper: Deetlef

    Lelystad, 09 March 2018 – Deetlef is the new skipper on the Auwe Neel, a sturdy clipper extremely well suited to being used for day trips and trips spanning several days with large groups. Deetlef much prefers sailing the two-masted vessel out onto the Wadden Sea, where the many options include spotting mudflats and seals. But he also knows some great anchorages around the IJsselmeer, such as Konijneneiland near Stavoren. An idyllic spot where, if we bring our own wood, we can build a fantastic campfire on the uninhabited island.

  • Out on the open water on the two-masted clipper Hester

    Out on the open water on the two-masted clipper Hester

    Lelystad, 14 February 2018 - From the nautical Hanseatic city of Kampen you can sail swiftly out towards the IJsselmeer, Markermeer or the Frisian (Wadden) islands on the convivial, 40-metre-long clipper. The possibilities on and in the water are endless. Whether you’re keen to muck in and help hoist the sail or would prefer to relax and just enjoy being together with the group in an anchorage, anything’s possible on board the Hester. They do their utmost to give their guests an unforgettable experience each and every time, and strike the right balance between being active and relaxing.

  • Introducing: Zippi, captain on the Klipper Allure

    Introducing: Zippi, captain on the Klipper Allure

    Lelystad, 2 February 2018 – The comfortable, spacious clipper Allure is owned by captain Zippi. She’s crazy about sailing, is a great listener and prefers to decide where the sailing trip will head together with the group. Whether it’s a wonderful meandering trip across the IJsselmeer, the Markermeer or the Wadden Sea. At the end of the day she’s of the opinion that it’s not about the destination but much more importantly about everyone feeling at home and able to relax on board her convivial, 32-metre-long ship.