The Auwe Neel has a new skipper: Deetlef

Lelystad, 09 March 2018 – Deetlef is the new skipper on the Auwe Neel, a sturdy clipper extremely well suited to being used for day trips and trips spanning several days with large groups. Deetlef much prefers sailing the two-masted vessel out onto the Wadden Sea, where the many options include spotting mudflats and seals. But he also knows some great anchorages around the IJsselmeer, such as Konijneneiland near Stavoren. An idyllic spot where, if we bring our own wood, we can build a fantastic campfire on the uninhabited island.

About Deetlef

Deetlef has a huge love of the water. He started out in inland shipping, but the constant droning of the engine prompted him to do something different. Now he’s the skipper on the Auwe Neel. When we ask what draws him to old ships he shows no sign of hesitation: ‘The convivial spirit of the people and the peace and quiet. It’s so beautiful out on the water when you're sailing’. There’s no room for boredom on board the Auwe Neel. You can actively take part in sailing the vessel, but if you’d prefer to relax then you can do that too on the spacious deck. There are plenty of games and books on board, and when the ship is at anchor you can even go for a swim if the weather is favourable.

Whatever you’re keen to do and wherever you want to head with your friends, family or colleagues, Deetlef knows the finest spots on the IJsselmeer, Markermeer or Wadden Sea and will be happy to sail you there.

Keen to join Deetlef on board? Then contact our colleagues at NAUPAR to discuss the options for this ship!