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Frequently asked questions

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• The ships
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• Insurance

Booking, general

I would like to book a ship! How does that work?

1) You can reserve by telephone or e-mail. State the following information:

  • Number of persons
  • Name of your preferred ship
  • The period in which you want to depart
  • The duration of the trip
  • Self-catering or provided by the professional caterers of NAUPAR

2) If you have indicated that you wish to make a booking, NAUPAR will send you an order confirmation by e-mail. You must indicate your agreement within seven days. You do this by clicking on the link in the e-mail.
3) You will then be taken to the booking environment. This is where you can indicate whether you want to use our extra services, such as towels, duvets and final cleaning and whether you require more information on the travel and cancellation insurance. You are also requested to indicate your desired payment method, and there is also a comments section at the end. Your order becomes definite when you click on ‘send’.
4) You receive a copy of your filled in booking form by e-mail as confirmation.
5) You receive the invoice and the information on the payment method that you have selected by e-mail.
6) If you require more information on the travel and cancellation insurance, you will also receive (by e-mail) an insurance offer and policy.
7) Finally, you receive the first Service Mail with additional explanation of your my NAUPAR account. We use the Service Mails to give you tips and interesting facts, so that you can have a carefree start to your cruise.
8) You will receive the final information by e-mail three weeks before departure. This will include the telephone number of the skipper and the route to the ship.

How can I request a brochure?
Using the contact form you can request different brochures and price lists. You can also download the brochures in Dutch.

How do I know if a ship is available?
Our website shows an up-to-date overview of all ships, arrangements and trips. You can refine your selection on the basis of several criteria, such as trip duration, number of persons or sailing area. Availability information can be requested using our online reservation form. We will respond within two working days.

We have the sailing schedules of the ships, so we can immediately tell you which ships are free in the period of your choice. Use our online contact form to request availability information or contact us by telephone.

How can I obtain a tailor-made quotation?
Just send us your data using our contact form, then we will contact you to discuss your preferences for a tailor-made quotation.

What are the General Conditions?
The General Conditions of BBZ/TCN are applicable to your booking.

The ships

Are our ships wheelchair-friendly?
Most of NAUPAR’s ships are not equipped to take wheelchairs. Their narrow gangplanks and stairways make it difficult to get around on board in a chair. However, some of our ships are better equipped in this respect, with a broad deck and a deck-level salon. On board the Vrijheid, we have even installed some extra facilities for those with mobility difficulties, such as a stairlift and an adapted shower and toilet. This makes the ship suitable for wheelchair users who are able to stand.

Are pets allowed on board?
Pets are not allowed on board most of our ships. Please ask our staff for the ships on which pets are allowed.

How safe is the ship?
The combination of good equipment and an experienced crew ensures that our ships are safe and pleasant means of transport. Once every two years all ships are thoroughly inspected by Register Holland, on behalf of the Dutch Shipping Inspectorate.

At what wind force is the ship not allowed to leave harbour?
With a view to the safety of the passengers and crew, most ships sailing the Waddenzee and IJsselmeer will remain in the harbour at wind force 7. In consultation with the skipper you may go out on the water if you wish, but the final decision always rests with the skipper. Note that you do not always have to sail out to open water from our home harbours Kampen and Makkum. At high winds the inland waterways, with more moderate waves, offer an excellent alternative.

The sailing trip

Is sailing experience required to participate in a trip?
None of the sailing trips require sailing experience. The expert crew will teach you the fine art of sailing.

Can I become seasick?
If you are sensitive to seasickness, you do not have to worry. The ships are relatively stable in the water and are hardly affected by the waves on the IJsselmeer and Waddenzee, especially in comparison with the sporty sailing yachts. Moreover, our ships offer much room above-deck to walk around and get some fresh air. If you are prone to seasickness, make sure to eat and sleep well, this will make you less sensitive. If you wish, you can obtain pills against seasickness at the chemist’s or pharmacy.

Do I always have to assist the crew on board?
The extent of your participation differs from one trip to another. If you take part in an intensive competition, you are expected to participate actively in sailing the ship. During a short cultural trip you do not have to do anything, but you will notice that it is just this joint effort that makes sailing so much fun. For each trip you will read how much input is expected of you.

Are there enough life vests on board?
There are life vests on board for every guest. To ensure that there are enough life vests for children, we will be glad to hear at an early stage whether any children below 12 years will be sailing with us. Please specify the length and weight of each child.

Does the skipper or mate have a lifeguard certificate?
Not necessarity, but all NAUPAR skippers have a nautic college diploma. This training includes emergency exercises, such as the 'man overboard manoeuvre'.

Can/may I fish when I am on board?
Yes, but a fishing permit is compulsory. Fish owner's clubs, marinas, Tourist Information Offices and angling clubs provide VIS pass (fishing permit). This is Always linked to a club membership, with the exception of the small VIS pass. As a club member you automatically receive a VIS pass. You can order the small VIS pass directly from Sportvisserij Nederland without a memberschip.

Where can I find the boarding information/latest information about my sailing trip?
You can find this information at www.naupar.nl/boardinginfo


What are the payment conditions for the ship hire?
Bookings for the same year:
50% 14 days after reservation
50% 4 weeks before departure

Bookings for the next year:
15% before October 1
35% before January 1
50% 4 weeks before departure

For bookings less than 7 weeks before departure: 100% upon reservation.

What are the payment conditions for the catering and supplementary services?
Not later than four weeks before departure 100%.


What is included in the hire?
This information can be found on the website of the ship in question. See www.naupar.nl/name-of-the-ship. For instance: www.naupar.nl/stedemaeght

Do you work with discounts and surcharges?
During the pre- and post-season many ships offer interesting discounts. For some ships a surcharge is applicable for a few periods in June and September and for the holiday periods around Easter, Ascension Day and Whitsun. An overview of the discounts and surcharges can be found on the website.

What will be the cost if I choose to depart from a different harbour than the home harbour?
All ships have a home harbour. It is possible, however, to choose a different harbour of departure than the home harbour. In that case you have to reckon with the delivery time, for which we will charge you or which will be deducted from your sailing time. The delivery cost of ships laid out for multiday trips is € 60 per hour. For day trip ships different rates apply. Ask our staff for the details.

Can I hire towels and bed linen?
During multiday trips all beds are provided with bottom sheets and pillows with pillow cover. On some ships the beds also have eiderdowns as standard. More information on this can be found on the website. See www.naupar.nl/name-of -the-ship. For instance www.naupar.nl/avondrood.

Is the final cleaning included in the price?
If the final cleaning is not included in the hire price (see Specifications tab) and you have not ordered catering, you can choose to do the final cleaning yourself or to buy it off. The charge for this is paid on board to the skipper or through the supplementary services bill if you also order catering. For final cleanings on Saturdays and Sundays a surcharge of € 20 applies.


Why this insurance?
Organising and/or leading a group trip is a great responsibility. With this insurance you do not have to bear it alone. All participants are insured as standard to receive immediate, personal assistance in case of a breakdown, accident or illness. In addition, medical costs, accidents and liability are included in the insurance. The loss of luggage, group luggage such as group provisions, (teaching) materials and equipment, and damage as a result of unusual sports are included as well.

For the group leaders, participants and relatives at home, this is a comforting thought. Circumstances may force you to refrain from embarking on a trip or holiday that has already been booked. Even after departure there may be reasons to break the trip off prematurely. With this extensive insurance policy you are properly insured against these costs.

What exactly does the cover include?
If the trip is cancelled before departure, the full cost of the trip will be refunded, provided the reason for cancellation is mentioned as a valid reason in the conditions. If the trip has to be broken off prematurely, the days of the trip that are not used will be refunded.

The risk that sailing is not possible during one or more days because of high wind or storm, or because a storm is forecast by a meteorological institute, is included in the insurance as standard.

The group cancellation clause ensures that the entire travel party is entitled to a refund in case of death or serious injury of the group leadership. If a participant dies, this is applicable from 5 days before departure up to the last day of the trip. Personal assistance, extra travel and accommodation expenses are always compensated against cost price. For other covers the insured sums are different. They can be read in the cover overview.

Who are insured?
This insurance provides excellent cover to all participants of group trips. All fellow travellers of the person who books or has booked the trip are insured against the cost of cancellation, both before and during the trip. A list of all participants should be sent to NAUPAR four weeks before departure. The insurance offers cover within Europe.

Why De Europeesche insurance company?
De Europeesche is the specialist in travel and recreation insurances. With De Europeesche you have an excellent insurance at a competitive price.

The group leader/teacher falls ill. Can the group as a whole cancel the trip?
Yes, in the case of cancellation or unused trip days, compensation is paid up to 100% of the hire sum due to death or serious injury of the person whose presence is of decisive importance for the trip, such as leaders of school trips or principal persons involved otherwise.

One person from the group falls ill; will this person get his money back individually?
In the case of death, serious illness or serious injury, any person from the group can get a refund, provided this person has actually contributed to the hire sum and therefore actually suffers damage due to the cancellation.

I have booked a coach; can this be included in the insurance?
If you have booked a coach and wish to include cancellation of the coach in the insurance, you have to add the hire price of the coach to the total hire price.

I have booked more than one ship with one group, can we take out one insurance policy for the whole group?
No, the insurance is for one ship and for no more than the maximum number of persons the ship can accommodate.

I have booked three ships, one of the group leaders becomes ill and therefore one ship has to be cancelled. Is this possible?
Since several ships have been booked, also several insurance policies have been concluded. The insurance company therefore regards this as three separate groups. In this case one of the three is cancelled, so the answer to question 1 applies.

Which costs are applicable to the overall arrangement price? (to be filled in on the form)
This includes all the costs you wish to insure. For instance, the ship hire, the catering, the transportation by coach and any additional services.

I have ordered catering/food supplies, but the ship cannot leave harbour due to high wind. We decide to board the ship anyway to make use of the catering. Do I get a refund for the ship hire in this case?
Yes, for any unused sailing days you get a refund of up to 75% of the hire sum, if sailing is not possible on one or more days due to high wind or storm, or storm being forecast by the meteorological institute. A storm is understood to be wind force 7 or more on the Beaufort scale. This applies under the condition that the ship must have remained moored for at least 50% of the normally available time.

Do we need to inform you of the names of every individual person in the group?
Yes, the list of all participants (first and last names) should be communicated to NAUPAR not later than four weeks before departure. This applies to everyone who has taken out an insurance policy.

What does De Europeesche insurance company need to know if a trip is cancelled because the ship cannot leave harbour due to a storm?
In that case De Europeesche needs to have the policy and the list of participants; these will be made available by NAUPAR. De Europeesche will check if the wind force was indeed higher than 7 Beaufort.

A family member of someone in the group becomes ill. The group has taken out a group insurance policy for cancellation. Can the whole group cancel the trip?
It is not possible for the whole group to cancel. Those whose family member in the 1st or 2nd degree dies, becomes seriously ill or sustains serious injury may cancel. He/she will get a refund of his/her part of the hire sum, provided he/she has actually contributed personally to the hire sum.

I have sustained injury on board. Who is responsible? From what insurance policy can this be recovered?
Damage or injury should always be reported directly to De Europeesche. Exclusion of benefits takes place if any activities are undertaken whereby a prohibition or warning is wilfully ignored. For instance, if a person walks on the deck during tacking, although several warnings have been issued that this is not safe, and this person is hit by a boom and gets injured, there is a chance that no benefits will be paid.

I have caused damage to the ship furnishings. Is this covered?
Benefits will be paid in the case of damage to living quarters and ship’s inventory that have been made available or hired out to the insured. Benefits are paid if the insured is liable for the damage and the damage is higher than € 25.


No chat button is displayed. What now?
This means that our staff are not available. You can reach us on work days from 08.30 AM to 17.30 PM.

The chat button is visible but does not function. What should I do?
Contact us by telephone, send an e-mail or use the contact form. You can find all of our contact information on our website.

When are available?
You can reach us with live chat on work days from 08.30 AM to 17.30 PM. We are also available by telephone. Or ask your question using the contact form. We will then contact you as soon as possible.

How does the chat function work?
For questions on how the chat function works please refer to the explanation on ‘Live chat with NAUPAR’.