Your first time sailing

Never sailed with a group on a traditional sailing ship before? Fortunately, organising a fun outing on the water is easy. You indicate your wishes and we will look for an available ship that best suits your needs. During the cruise, you are completely flexible and decide together with the skipper where you will sail to and what you will do. On this page, we give some suggestions and tips.

See you on board one of the ships!

Over 40 years of experience

When it comes to organising an unforgettable trip on the water, NAUPAR is the right address. We have more than 40 years of experience in organising unique sailing trips on authentic sailing ships. Whether it is a small or large group, a day trip or a sailing trip of several days, or a simple or luxurious ship.

Your sailing trip on the IJsselmeer/Markermeer, the Wadden Sea or the Frisian Lakes starts with NAUPAR.

Traditional sailing ships with sleeping accommodation for your first sailing trip

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Your first time sailing?

Never sailed before?

With NAUPAR the possibilities are endless. For example, you can choose a day, weekend or a (short) week trip and discover new harbour towns from the water, make a stopover at a beautiful nature reserve, sail from island to island on the Wadden Sea, actively help with the sailing or laze around in the sun on deck.

Together with the skipper, you decide where you sail, how long you sail and how you combine a sailing trip with fun activities ashore. In addition, on a multi-day trip, you can choose whether you want to cook yourself or be pampered and opt for catering or a chef on board.

To determine which ship best suits your needs, it is especially important to know how long, when and with how many people you want to sail and whether you have certain preferences, such as the number of cabins, a sailing area or a particular activity.

How long do you want to cruise?

A day trip, midweek, weekend, week or a few hours, it's all possible. At NAUPAR we offer a wide choice of cruising options and you will always find a cruise that suits your needs. The more time you have, the more fun port cities, activities and sailing areas you can combine. And who doesn't want that? Once on the water, the clock no longer exists and you only have time for each other and the surroundings.

When do you want to cruise?

Spring, summer, autumn? You can cruise in all periods and they all have something beautiful. For certain periods (e.g. spring, autumn and winter) you will even receive an attractive seasonal discount on the price of your cruise. 

How many people will be sailing?

NAUPAR can accommodate groups of 10 to 150 people and for very large groups you can even rent several ships.

What specific wishes do you have for the ship?

Large or small, luxurious or simple? We have a ship for every need. At NAUPAR you can choose from day-trip ships and ships for trips lasting several days. Each ship is unique and has its own charm and interior.

The daytrip ships are particularly suitable for a meeting, teambuilding event with personnel or relations or a party on the water with personnel, relations, family and/or friends. They have a spacious deck with seating areas, a cosy saloon and ship's bar.

The ships for multi-day trips have a spacious deck and cosy saloon as well as a kitchen, comfortable cabins and showers. When you choose a ship, it is your desire for comfort that determines what you choose. In particular, this concerns your wish for the number of cabins, the size of the cabins and the number of showers and toilets on board. Furthermore, your choice of ship may be determined by the price of the ship and/or the services such as final cleaning and duvets that are included or not. Read about this on the explanation of prices page.

On the website, you will find information on each ship and you can see what a ship looks like from the inside by means of photos, for example. In addition, the skippers introduce themselves to you in our blogs and we always ask our guests about their experiences after the trip, which you can find in the ship reviews. 

Where do you want to sail and embark?

Do you want to go to a big city, small town or a beautiful nature area? You can choose from various sailing areas and places. When choosing a boarding port, it is important to take into account the sailing area you want to sail in and the length of your sailing trip. You sail an average of 25 - 30 kilometres in a day. For example, if you want a day trip on the Wadden Sea or a weekend trip to a Wadden Island, it is best to depart from Harlingen or Makkum, as these ports are closer to the Wadden Sea. If you have more time, you can also depart from Kampen, Enkhuizen or Lelystad, for example.

The ships you can choose from are spread over 16 different ports around the IJsselmeer, Markermeer and Wadden area. Favourite embarkation ports include Lelystad, Enkhuizen, Kampen and Harlingen, which are also easy to reach by public transport.

Food and drinks on board

Food and drinks are not included in the price unless expressly indicated in a package. Most ships have a well-equipped kitchen, where you can cater your own food and drinks during the cruise.

In most cases, catering is an option that you can opt for or not. On some day-trip ships, however, it is not possible to bring or prepare your own food and drinks and you can pamper your guests extra with the extensive catering options. In addition, catering for a multi-day trip is highly recommended and you can even opt for catering with a chef. 

The price

With NAUPAR you book a ship with skipper and crew. On the page explanation of prices we explain how the prices of the various cruises are structured.

Do you need sailing experience?

To sail with us, you do not need any sailing experience. If you enjoy it, the crew will teach you on the spot how to hoist the sails, tie certain knots or keep the ship on course. However, there are also plenty of ships that the skipper can sail by himself or herself together with his or her sailor, so generally, you can choose whether to lie in the sun or actively help out (some of the time).

How do you determine a route during a sailing trip?

You are flexible during a sailing trip. Together with the skipper, you will check the weather, wind direction and possibly the tide before departure during the daily palaver (consultation on a ship) when you will sail on the Wadden Sea. Then the sailing map is drawn and you map out the route that suits your wishes, desired sailing time and weather conditions. Exactly how you will reach the harbour towns and which route you will have to sail depends on the wind direction and the course to be set. This handy Suydersee map shows the sailing areas, harbours, routes and distances.

With these simple steps your sailing adventure starts with NAUPAR

  • Specify how long you want to sail
  • Indicate the period in which you wish to sail
  • How many people (approximately) would you like to sail with?
  • Enter other preferences if there are any, such as desired sailing area / embarkation point, the number of desired cabins, or a certain service on board such as a beer tap.
  • You will receive a list of available boats that meet your requirements and you can view, compare and make a choice.