NAUPAR is short for nautical partners and is the result of the close cooperation between shipping companies ‘de Zeilvaart’, Hanzestad Compagnie, and Zeilvloot Lemmer Stavoren. Each of these shipping companies has over 40 years of experience in group vacations, tourism, and organizing business events. NAUPAR is an expert in the field of school outings, week- and weekend trips, company outings and relationship marketing, nautical events, festivities and parties.

With a fleet that consists of over 100 traditional sailing ships, with over 200.000 guests per year and 16 harbours of departure within The Netherlands, NAUPAR is market leader in the sailing charter business. All of NAUPAR’s ships are official wedding locations. With NAUPAR you are exclusively offered the opportunity to get married on the open water, while the wind is bellying the sails. 

NAUPAR’s office is located in the Batavia harbour in Lelystad. NAUPAR is a division of Batavia.

NAUPAR attaches great value to providing personal attention to all involved. Something which is confirmed by the high ratings we receive from our guests. You and your guests will be in good hands!

Hanzestad Compagnie 

The Hanzestad Compagnie has a long and rich history. Hanzestad Compagnie was established in the old Hanse town Kampen over thirty years ago. They started with a fleet of traditional sailing ships and in the mid 90s a number of luxurious multiple-day ships were built, which were added to the fleet of the Hanzestad Compagnie. Ever since, many guests have had the opportunity to experience the joys of sailing on board of one of these ships for a day or even a vacation.

In 2002, Hanzestad Compagnie moved her office to Lelystad. In 2003, the municipality of Lelystad appointed the ships of the Hanzestad Compagnie as its wedding flee; It now became possible to get married on the IJsselmeer, with the winds bellying the sails! This made Hanzestad Compagnie into the largest provider of wedding locations in Europe. Since then, many couples have said ‘I will’ on the Markermeer and Ijsselmeer.

The key values of the Hanzestad Compagnie, quality, service, and safety, remain important with NAUPAR. And because of the cooperation, NAUPAR can offer you even a larger variety of nautical events.

'de Zeilvaart'

Many of the beautiful sailing ships that belong to the 'de Zeilvaart's’ fleet once pined away in various harbours or were used as houseboats. But over time, more and more of those ships were restored with loving devotion by nautical buffs. In order to lessen the costs for the maintenance of their ships, they invited guests on board. Eventually, this gave rise to the establishment of 'de Zeilvaart' in 1973. This way, the administrative and logistic tasks of the sailing business were taken out of the hands of the skippers and owners. 'De Zeilvaart' has always had its main office in Enkhuizen. Enkhuizen is a harbour that has a rich sailing tradition and the harbour and its ships have always been important in the townscape.

Over the years, 'de Zeilvaart' has grown in to a renowned organization with an impressive fleet. From the late 90s onward, ‘de Zeilvaart’ as well has seen a number of ships been built that are very well suited for business outings and festivities. In 1997, 'de Zeilvaart' took over the Zeilvloot Lemmer-Stavoren and, therewith, it obtained firm footing in Friesland.

The values and knowledge of ‘de Zeilvaart’ and the Hanzestad Compagnie work extremely well together. This has become one of NAUPAR’s strengths.

Zeilvloot Lemmer-Stavoren

Since 1997, the renowned sailing corporation Zeilvloot Lemmer-Stavoren is part of 'de Zeilvaart'. This cooperation meant an important merger of knowledge and experience in the area of the Frisian Lakes and the Dutch Wadden. Herewith, both companies strengthened their position in Friesland.