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Terms of Use
Specific conditions may apply to specific products, materials, services or information included on or obtainable through this website (the "Content") or to transactions conducted using this website. Such specific conditions may supplement, or if and insofar as they are incompatible with the substance or spirit of these Conditions of Use, prevail over the conditions as laid down in these Conditions of Use.

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If you would like request for using any part of the Content of this website you can contact the Marketing Department.

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Procedure for the use of website photos and texts
NAUPAR (combination Zeilvaart Enkhuizen BV, Hanzestad Compagnie BV, Zeilvloot Lemmer-Stavoren BV and Channel Cruises Holland BV) is the legal owner of all the photographic material and texts on its website.

Third parties are not authorised to freely copy or reuse these photos and text. To clarify matters, NAUPAR has formulated a policy, which is outlined below.

It is not permitted to copy or reuse any NAUPAR copyrighted text without prior approval in writing.
Downloading or copying of the photographs may represent an infringement of the rights both of NAUPAR and of the photographer. Photos may therefore only be used or downloaded with the express permission of NAUPAR.

When entering into a rental agreement, clients may apply to download specific photographs from the NAUPAR website of the ship they have booked to be used for personal purposes.  In such cases, NAUPAR will generally give its approval or make another photograph available.

Resellers/ tour operators:
An annual contract is drawn up between the relevant parties and NAUPAR, which includes agreements covering the use of photographic and promotional materials.

Agents are authorised to use one 'sailing' photograph for each ship for which they act as agent.  NAUPAR will decide with the agent which photograph may be used for each ship.

Up to a maximum of two photos may be used to support tourist or other information about activities, to be decided by NAUPAR..

This depends on the intended use.

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