Corporate Social Responsibility

Besides service, quality, and safety, at NAUPAR corporate social responsibility as well is one of the key values. By taking our corporate social responsibility, we can contribute to a better world. We can help in various areas, such as the environment and the society. And did you know this even a lot easier than you may think? Without having to turn your lifestyle around, you can contribute by acting ‘green’. Just have your vacation, business outing, or relationship day on board of one of NAUPAR’s sailing ships! Sailing on board of NAUPAR’s sailing ships is sustainable and clean and you are enabled to enjoy the beautiful natural surroundings Holland has to offer you.

Green ships

NAUPAR’s ships predominantly sail using the wind only. Sailing is thus an environment-friendly way of transportation without carbon emission. Besides that, all of our ships have a dirty-water tank to store the “black water”. These tanks are emptied at refuse collection locations only.

Natuurmonumenten (lit. Nature reserves)

A sailing trip with NAUPAR means sailing through the scenic nature lands Holland has to offer. Explore the areas you can only reach over water. NAUPAR would like everyone to be able to enjoy these areas for many years to come and, therefore, together with Natuurmonumenten, devotes itself to the natural surroundings of Holland. NAUPAR often has appealing offers to those who are members of Natuurmonumenten.  

Foundation Sailing Kids

The initiative Sailing Kids was developed by Ruud Stam, a skipper and boat owner that sailed for many years for Hanzestad Compagnie and now sails for NAUPAR. The foundation enables children that are chronically ill to get away from it all, together with their brothers, sisters, parents, and even their grandparents. On board of the Meridiaan and the Vrijheid the interior is designed in a way that, on the one hand, the children can have a wonderful time and, on the other hand, receive the medical care they need. There is always a medical team on board that sails along. NAUPAR is very proud of Ruud Stam’s initiative and is very honoured to support Sailing Kids.

Carbon Neutral

NAUPAR seeks various ways to lessen our impact on the environment. Besides the fact that when sailing there is almost a zero emission of carbon dioxide, NAUPAR also supports our environment by ensuring that all mail is sent in a carbon neutral manner via TNT Post.