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Sailing IJsselmeer

This is how sailing should be and indeed has been for many centuries. Before, the hundreds of tjalks, clippers, and schooners were used as transport ships laden with peat, manure, hay, and spices. Today, you can sail the former Zuiderzee with these traditional sailboats for your leisure and visit the ancient ports of the Golden circle, where the traditional character has been preserved in the stately house fronts and the old town centres.

Golden circle

The Golden circle is a unique area in which the cities and towns are connected in a way similar to a strand of pearls. Joined by their Golden history, they all have kept their distinctive character and they are proud of their appearance that exudes the 17th century. Once you enter the area of the Zuiderzee, you will be overwhelmed by the character and charm of these pearls. During the summer, the cities and towns brim over with activity, for both young and old.


The IJsselmeer has its own distinctive nature, surge, and even scent, different from that of de Waddenzee. This is the result of the IJsselmeer Dam that was built in 1932. Because of this dam, the former Zuiderzee slowly became the freshwater lake it is today.