Weekend away Wadden Sea

Weekend break Wadden Island

Looking for a nice location and accommodation for a weekend away with friends, family or colleagues? Step aboard a traditional sailing ship and sail together to Texel, Vlieland or Terschelling. Because you spend the night on board, you no longer need to search for accommodation. This leaves you plenty of time to explore the island. The beautiful views and the island feeling will stay with you long after this package.

Why this sailing trip

Sailing is wonderful and relaxing. On our ships, we offer you:

  • a varied sailing trip on the Wadden Sea.
  • time for each other in a unique accommodation.
  • new experiences. Discover Texel, Vlieland or Terschelling, for example.

What to experience during the sailing trip on the Wadden Sea

You can join in the sailing or enjoy the view over the Wadden Sea. The Wadden Sea has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and during the sailing trip on the Wadden Sea you will be enchanted by the beautiful views, many birds and you might even spot a seal. If conditions allow, and the ship has a flat bottom you can beach on a sandbank and take a short walk on the bottom of the sea. You can then learn and discover more about the plants and animals that live here. After this unique experience, you will sail on to your chosen Wadden Island.

What to do on the Wadden Islands

Once docked in the cosy harbour, you are back in control. You can choose to stay on the ship or get a breath of fresh air on the beach, cycle through the dunes and woods, visit a museum, eat kibbeling (fish) in Oudeschild, stroll through cosy West-Terschelling or climb 'the Red Goblin' on the Vuurboetsduin in Oost-Vlieland. You can do these activities with the whole group, in smaller groups or individually.

Is the Weekend away to the Wadden Sea fun for everyone?

This package is particularly suitable for groups who want to get away from it all and, above all, spend time together. On board the ship, you can sail together, relax, chat, cook in the well-equipped kitchen and have comfortable beds. In addition, there is something fun for all ages on the Wadden Islands. .

Duration of the Weekend away to the Wadden Sea

You can book this package for a (short) weekend. Would you rather visit several islands? Then extend the weekend to a long weekend or a weekend with early check-in.

Once on board of the sailingship, based on the weather, wind and tides, you determine the route and programme together with the skipper. The skipper will take your wishes into account. Therefore, we describe below a global programme, as you could fill it in.

Possible daily schedule

  • Breakfast and palaver in the harbour, after which the ropes are cast off and you sail towards the Wadden Sea.
  • During the sailing trip, the experienced crew will be happy to explain more about the currents, tides and the art of sailing, or you can enjoy the beautiful views of the Wadden Sea from the deck. The Wadden Sea has been declared a UNESCO World Heritage Site and during the sailing trip you will experience why.
  • Along the way, you will prepare a lunch in the ship's well-equipped kitchen.
  • If conditions allow, and if the ship has a flat bottom, you can fall dry on a sandbank and take a short walk across the mudflats during this unique experience.
  • After docking in the harbour, there is room to explore the island or you can stay for a relaxing drink on deck, play a game in the cosy dayroom or find a cosy restaurant or café in the harbour.
  • You will sleep in a comfortable cabin on board the sailing ship.

What can you do on Texel

Texel is the largest of the Dutch Wadden Islands. You moor your ship in the harbour of Oudeschild and walk straight to the cosy shopping street with its delicious fish shops. The Kaap Skil museum with an open-air museum, a beachcomber's museum and the largest maritime model of the Reede from the VOC era is also on this street. In addition, the surroundings really invite you to take a walk between 'the tuunwallen' (separation made of sods between two plots of land) towards Den Burg. You will then pass the Hoge Berg, a picking garden and the Texel beer brewery, among others. But you can also take the shell path towards Fort de Schans and the former pilot village of Den Horn.

Would you rather explore the whole island? Then hire a bike in the harbour or village and cycle through the beautiful dunes, woods and beaches to any of the island's 7 villages or the beach pavilions on the North Sea beach. Do you like a challenge? Then cycle to the lighthouse in Cocksdorp and back. With 40 kilometres of beach, 140 kilometres of cycle paths and 180 kilometres of hiking trails, it is impossible not to discover Texel.

What to do on Vlieland

Beaches, hiking trails, cycle paths. Vlieland has it all. The island is small, virtually car-free and has a very varied nature. Most walking and cycling paths start near the harbour, where the tourist office is also located. But there is more. The cosy little village with many specialty shops, museum Tromp's Huys and the visitor centre Noordwester are at walking distance from the harbour, where you moor your ship. Walk a little further and taste seaweed cheese at the cheese bunker, a traditional local beer at beer brewery Fortuna or climb 'the Red Gnome', the smallest lighthouse in the Netherlands, for the best view of the highest dune top of the Wadden Islands.

What to do on Terschelling

On the Wadden Island of Terschelling, you are within walking distance of West Terschelling, a cosy village with many shops, terraces and cafés and in the centre the striking lighthouse 'De Brandaris'. Not far from the harbour is also the Bunker Museum Terschelling, an almost complete position with no less than 100 bunkers, some of which you can visit. A little further on the edge of the village is the Green Beach and the well-known pavilion 'De Walvis'. Here you can enjoy a cup of coffee with cranberry cake or a drink after a lovely beach walk or climbing the Kaapsduin, Terschelling's highest point, while looking out over the tidal flats. Of course, you can also explore Terschelling on a hired bicycle and visit Midsland, Oosterend or the North Sea beach.

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