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Bottle Ship Museum

You have probably seen them before: those beautiful and detailed boats in bottles. The Flessenscheepjes Museum, located in the 17th century "Spuihuisje", hold the world's largest collection of bottle ships. More than a thousand bottles, in different shapes and sizes from many parts of the world. Some of them come from the fishing industry, whaling and the rescue field. the oldest date from the VOC era. 

History of the Flessenscheepjes Museum

At the end of 1991 the Flessenscheepjes Museum foundation was founded with the aim of exhibiting a collection of bottle ships without a profit motive. Co-founder Jan Visser brought around 350 boats with him at the time. Over the years, this collection grew into the world's largest collection of ship models. The location of the Flessenscheepjes Museum is also special. The old "Spuihuisje" has existed since the beginning of the 17th century and used to serve as a lock in the Westfriese Omringdijk.

About the Flessenscheepjes Museum

Have you ever seen a tiny ship go into a bottle without breaking it? This mystery is solved in the permanent video presentation of the museum. In addition, bottle builders regularly come by to teach you the art.