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Enkhuizer Almanak Museum

Let's go back in time. In the Middle Ages most people could not read or write. This was only for the rich and special people, but certainly not for the common people. Most farmers and outsiders, such as the fisherman, market vendor and blacksmith, therefore used prayer cards with pictures on which information was given. These individual prints are considered to be the forerunner of the almanac. In the museum you can still admire many of these special archive documents. Some date from the 16th century. Using modern techniques, you can even browse through the oldest exemplar. 

History of the Enkhuizer Almanak Museum

Of the many different published almanacs only the Enkhuizer version still exists. The publisher of the Enkhuizer Almanak is in possession of a copy from 1686, one of the few existing works. The exhibition space was opened to the public to celebrate the 400th anniversary in 1995. The project was an initiative of owner and director of the publishing house Mrs. Fransje Jongert.

About the Enkhuizer Almanak Museum

The small museum is located at the opposite of the Drommedaris, near the harbour, at one of the most beautiful places in Enkhuizen. The museum has a permanent exhibition of special archive documents. With the help of modern techniques, vulnerable, centuries-old permanent sections of the almanac can be viewed.