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Cultur Center Drommedaris

The Cultural Center Drommedaris is suitable for exhibitions with its characteristic allocation. And they make a lot of use of it! Every three months another artist gets the opportunity to exhibit his or her works. But also for movie lovers, the Drommedaris is a nice place; There will be shown more than six times a week a current movie, including afternoon shows, children's shows and a premiere movie on Thursday and Friday nights. In addition, other events in the field of dance, singing, music and theater are organized.
The Drommedaris is a foundation led by a board and a group of about 65 volunteers. The goal of the Cultural Center is to create and develop people and to introduce people with creativity.
Not only is the offer of the Drommedary unique. The building itself has a special history: From prison and telegraph office to vibrant Cultural Center; The Drommedaris - in Enkhuizen better known as simply 'The Drom' - has been in use for centuries. In May 2015, the building was reopened after a thorough renovation. All conveniences, think of the toilets and heating, were modernized at the time.