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Cultur Center Drommedaris

The Cultural Centre Drommedaris, also called the Drom, offers music, cabaret, film, expo, workshops and much more. Every three months another artist gets the chance to exhibit his or her works. But the Drommedaris is also a great place for film lovers; a current film is shown no less than six times a week. The Drommedaris is not only unique in its range of films. The building itself also has a special history.

History of the Drommedaris

From the fortress tower, prison, telephone and telegraph office to the cultural centre, the Drom has played an important role in the life of the Enkhuizers for centuries. The Drommedaris, or then still called the Ketenport, was built in 1540 as part of the city wall. Because it offered a perfect view over the former Zuiderzee, it also served as a defensive tower of the harbours. Possibly the tower was named Drommedaris because the population found the building resembling a dromedary, but where the second 'm' comes from is still not clear. As the city grew, the city wall was demolished, but the Drom continued to defend the port area. In 1649 the Drom was raised to its present height. Since 1959 the Drom has been renamed a cultural centre. In the sixties it also served as a café and youth hostel. In 2015 the Drom was reopened after a restauration and renovation. The facilities were modernised and the access was improved. Thus, the Drom is a harmonious composition of the beautiful ancient details with modern comfort.

About the Cultural Centre Drommedaris

The Cultural Centre Drommedaris consists of five floors. Besides a theatre that is used for cultural performances, film screenings, parties and congresses, there are three halls, each with its own atmosphere. In the attic is the carillon, where the carillon player plays several times a week. On the ground floor is the DromcafĂ©, where you can enjoy a drink in a cosy and unique location. The Drommedaris in Enkhuizen is not only a beautiful building to look at, but also the location where the daily bustle of events takes place.