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Stavoren is one of the oldest Frisian eleven cities. The port city is one with a special history. Nowadays the town belongs to the municipality of Súdwest Fryslân and from here you can easily sail up the IJsselmeer. Stavoren is also the point that connects the IJsselmeer with the Frisian lakes.


Stavoren played an important role in the Baltic trade and especially the grain sports created a lot of activity. Due to this same freight transport, the Frisian skippers were very important to Holland and Stavoren became a rich place of gifts. During wars between Holland and Friesland, Stavoren often chose the side of Holland.

Female from Stavoren

At the end of the Middle Ages it was done with the wealth of Stavoren and the town fell into disrepair. A medieval legend is circulating about this enigmatic ruin, the legend of the 'Vrouwtje van Stavoren'. This merchant woman ordered her husband to go up to the sea and return with gold. Her husband, however, returns with precious gold grain. When she sees this she is so angry that she tells her husband to throw the grain into the sea and she throws her golden ring behind it. An old man who sees everything happening tells her that if she ever sees the ring again, she will fall into the beggary by her arrogance. When the woman eats herring some time later, she bites on something hard and that is where her golden ring appears. From that moment Stavoren, together with her, has fallen into poverty. After a time of decay, there were better times in the 17th and 18th centuries when there was shipping to distant lands. In the 19th century there was not much left of it and the town deteriorated further.