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The old Hanseatic city of Stavoren is the oldest in the province Friesland. A city with a rich and intriguing history which had an important role in the Baltic trade and grain imports. It is part of the eleven cities of Friesland where the well-known sport ice-skating is played. Stavoren lies on the Ijssel lake and lies on the point that connects the Ijssel lake and the Frisian lakes. Stavoren nowadays is a quiet, authentic city and in the summer the perfect gateway and departure point for the NAUPAR ships.

History of Stavoren

Stavoren was founded around 300 years before Christ. It was the first place that received city right around the year 1060. Stavoren was at that time an important trading town because of its location and was a prosperous, rich city. Stavoren became a member of the Hanze in the late 12th century. This was a joint venture between a number of merchants from different cities in the Netherlands. They dominated the North and the Baltic Sea for a long time. Holland grew rapidly as a population and grain was an important income. At the end of the Middle Ages, Stavoren fell into poverty. The folktale of the girl of Stavoren is a well-known story that is based on the story of Stavoren. After construction of the railway to Amsterdam and Leeuwarden, Stavoren became an important South Sea harbour.

Features of Stavoren

The city of Stavoren, located in the province Friesland, is the first to receive city rights. It is part of the eleven cities of Friesland. There lived 950 residents in 2017. The city lies at the most southwestern point of Friesland and is surrounded on three points by the Ijssel lake.

What to do and see in Stavoren

In the harbour lies the newest attraction of Stavoren. A huge fish with an open mouth where the water flows out off. This fountain is part of the 11fountainsproject. A fountain has been placed in all eleven cities of Friesland. From the harbour, the white lock bridge gives access to the city. This bridge was formerly important for the large shipping form surrounding places, but has lost its function after the Johan Frisobridge was built in 1966. Next to the bridge is the monument of the girl of Stavoren, and old legend based on the story of Stavoren. In the museum, Toankamer ‘t Ponthús, you can find the rich history of Stavoren displayed in a modern way. Stavoren has two beached, one of which is a nudist beach.