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Lighthouse in Stavoren

The old harbour at Stavoren stands a tall structure that serves as a light beacon for ships that want a safe passage to the harbour. This cast-iron lighthouse, on the Ijssel lake, is placed on the other side of the old harbour by the dike. Near the lighthouse are two identical harbour lights, a green and a red one. These stand on the end of the piers. These lights are not to be missed when you visit Stavoren. 

History of the lighthouse

Stavoren has always played an important role as a port. Not only was Stavoren a member of the Hanseatic, but the city is also perfectly located in Friesland. The function of the harbour was strengthened by the construction of the railway in 1884 between Leeuwarden and Stavoren with a connecting ferry service to Enkhuizen. The traveller could easily transfer from the train to the ferry. The manufacturer Brothers and Co, build a high cast-iron lighthouse with two corresponding harbour lights on the piers. The two harbour lights offer(ed) access to the old port of Stavoren. In 1999, the lighthouse and harbour lights were included in the preservation of monuments. The buildings have a cultural value and offer a wonderful welcome into Stavoren. The lighthouse was painted again in 2001.

About the lighthouse

The 15-meter-high cast-iron lighthouse consists of four floors with a spiral staircase. The two corresponding harbour lights consist of the same material, but are somewhat smaller. The lighthouse and harbour lights are constructed from cast iron panels that were mounted on the spot. An identical lighthouse can be found on the island Wieringen. The two identical harbour lights are placed on the piers, but whereas one is green-white, the other is red-white. The harbour lights have a domed roof on which is placed an optic. The optic is still original, even though the harbour lights nowadays work on an electrical lamp.