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Fountain in Stavoren

The fountain in Stavoren

In the harbour lies a mighty and huge fish with an open mouth where water flows out off. It is a fountain that is part of the 11fountains project. The province Friesland has eleven cities which all have one fountain. The design was made by 11 international designers. The project was started after Leeuwarden elected the European Capital of Culture. The designer was inspired by the history, the water and the fishery of Stavoren. The design is a match between the history of the city and the style of the designer.

The story behind the fountain in Stavoren

The design was created by Mark Dion from New York, United States. He was inspired by the history of Stavoren, the lady of Stavoren and a print by Pieter Brugel de Oude, a Dutch writer. Floods, poverty and a port that silted up. Stavoren had a lot to endure, but always created new opportunities. Pieter Bruegel de Oude is the creator behind the print: ‘How big fish eat little ones’ where a ring was found in the belly of a fish. The fountain was placed in 2018.