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Museum Ponthus

Toankamer ’t Ponthús

Stavoren is the oldest city of Friesland and has a rich, intriguing history. You can find this history in the museum Toankamer ‘t Ponthús. The museum Toankamer ‘t Ponthús brings the city back to life in various exhibitions in a contemporary way. The name can be translated into ‘showroom in the Ponthouse’.

History of Toankamer ’t Ponthús

The museum is located in two buildings that originally served as a home for the employees of the Shipping company. This shipping company maintained the ferry connection between Stavoren and Enkhuizen. After these houses were nog longer inhabited, they were still called Ponthuzen. They name of the museum is a play on the word ‘ponthus’.

About the Toankamer ’t Ponthús

In the museum runs a timeline from the beginning of Stavoren up to now, where important historical events are shown. There is the battle at Stavoren, the Hanseatic history, the poverty and more recent events. The museum is very suitable for children. There is a special treasure hunt and a children’s corner where they can learn about Stavoren.