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Sailing on the Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is an inland sea and is suitable for a great sailing trip with your family, friends and colleagues. There’s some great saltwater sailing to be had there, as you’re protected by the Wadden islands. The surge on the Wadden Sea is longer than it is on the inland waters, meaning that it will be less of an issue for you and you’ll be less likely to get to get seasick. With its tides, currents, tidal channels, sandbanks and shoals, this varied sailing area will keep you on your toes during the trip, though you can also relax and enjoy the salty air and the versatility of the nature around you. 

Discover the Wadden islands

Whether you’re sailing to Texel, Vlieland or Terschelling, each and every island has varied nature with paths for cycling and walking, nature reserves, endless beaches, quaint villages with shopping streets and convivial terraces. What’s more, there’s always some fun activity to get involved in. You could (for example) head to Ecomare, the seal crèche on the largest of the Wadden islands, Texel. Terschelling is home to De Brandaris, the oldest lighthouse in the Netherlands, and from the harbour it’s not far to the beach or the picturesque town of West-Terschelling. And on Vlieland, the smallest of the Wadden islands, you’ll mostly find open space and peace and quiet. Sometimes you can wander around for hours there and not see a soul. 

Prefer to anchor close to a sandbank and wait for low tide?

Many of our vessels are flat-bottomed. Making it possible to anchor close to a sandbank on the Wadden Sea after a fantastic sailing trip. The skipper will anchor the ship and then wait until the water recedes. At low tide, the ship will be aground and you’ll be able to disembark and walk on the sea bed! A unique experience, and not one that will last forever, as with every passing hour the water level will rise again.

NAUPAR’s vessels

NAUPAR has the largest fleet of ships affiliated with HISWA, and our clippers, tjalks and schooners can reach the Wadden islands from certain harbours within a few hours. Whether you’re looking for a sporty sailing trip or would prefer to relax or go for something a little more luxurious, we’ll find the right vessel to suit your needs. With in excess of 16 different harbours from which we set sail, there will always be a harbour near you. Whatever your choice, with NAUPAR you can rest assured that you’ll have an unforgettable trip.