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Den Oever

The Oever is located at the beginning of the Afsluitdijk and is the most famous village of Wieringen. It owes its fame above all to the shrimp fishery. The place name is due to the area where Den Oever [The Shore] is located. At the time when the Wadden Sea was created, Den Oever was only open to the east - 'the shore'. When the Wadden Sea and the Zuiderzee became large open waters, Den Oever became half of the mudflats and open waters - 'the shore' was roughly at Oosterland. In the course of the 14th and 15th centuries 'the shore' slowly shifted, creating some small hamlets, including Den Oever.


The former island of Wieringen was visited by the Normans during the Middle Ages. In 1996, a silver treasure was found on the island, which came from the plundering Normans. The coins and jewelery will be exhibited at the Archeological Museum 'Rijksmuseum van Oudheden' in Leiden. The Viking Information Center has a permanent exhibition about the Vikings. The most important exhibit of this exhibition is the silver treasure of Westerklief.


Every Saturday morning there is a fish market in the fishing port (only in good weather, in bad weather, no fresh fish is delivered). Worth seeing is the museum farm, which is also a bicycle café. Because of the big harbor, there are many cafes and restaurants in the village. It is noteworthy that there is no church in the village. However, there used to be a chapel connected to a hospital that can be seen today in the Zuiderseemuseum in Enkhuizen. On the coast is still the lighthouse of Den Oever, which reminds of the time when Den Oever was still on an island.