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Den Helder

Den Helder is a city where everyone feels at home quickly. Since time immemorial, many people have settled here from abroad. These were not only people from Amsterdam and South Holland, which looked for work in large numbers at the National shipyard, but also people from the regions south of the big rivers and fishermen. The maritime past of Den Helder, which of course is directly related to its location by the sea, still clearly puts its stamp on this city.


The story of Den Helder begins around the year 850 in the village of Huisduinen. In the 16th century, fishermen settled in the nearby village of Helder. A century later, the economic focus shifted from Huisduinen to Den Helder, which played an important role as a naval port of the Republic of the Seven Provinces. In the Golden Age, numerous ships gathered at the Zeegat van Texel to navigate from there to the oceans. It was precisely this location by the sea that made Den Helder a base of the Royal Navy in the 19th century, which continues to shape the face of the city to this day.

Fortress Den Helder

Gradually, the town grew to that Den Helder, as we know it today. A city built inside the fortifications that are now surrounded by residential areas. Almost untouched and wild, the Grafelijkheidd├╝nen extend behind Fort Kijkduin, which belongs to the 'Fortress of Den Helder'. Fort Kijkduin has recently been completely restored. In the fort are some sea aquariums. The Helder is a striking city in the periphery, where peace, space and good air are not illusions, but reality. The city center has a large selection of shops and a shopping center. And with all the different restaurants and terraces, every trip is a success!