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Harlingen is a characteristic seaport city in the province of Friesland, which is one of the famous Frisian "Eleven cities". The city is very varied and has a lively and at the same time cozy character. Many boat trips to the Watt, especially to Terschelling and Vlieland, start from this harbor. Harlingen has 15,000 inhabitants and is the fifth largest town in Friesland. The port of Harlingen is the most important one of the province.

500 monuments on the Wadden Sea

The city owes its special character to the more than 500 (!) listed buildings as well as its location on the Wadden Sea. Here you can spend your time in the restaurants, on the terraces, in the pubs or at the beach. A small piece of history of Harlingen can be found in the Hannema house on Voorstraat 56, where silver, tiles and ceramics testify to the former trade and storage industry. In the Wattenhouse on the Voorstraat 18, the Landelijke Vereniging totals Behoud van de Waddenzee [National Association for the Conservation of the Wadden Sea].

Warehouses in Dutch style

Harlingen received city rights in 1234, making it older than cities such as Dokkum or Amsterdam. Part of the old fortifications can still be seen in the center of the city. The inhabitants of Harlingen are known for their stubborn character - a legacy of the former mercantile past, in which trade with Holland and various distant countries was driven. The magnificently restored warehouses and dutch-style houses testify to it today. The original canal belt is also largely preserved - as well as the many streets that connect the canals with each other.


Hospitality has become a typical trait of 'Ouwe Seunen', as the Harlingers are popularly known. There are regularly organized interesting events and festivals in Harlingen, such as the Harlinger Fischereitage, the beach concert 'Muziek aan Zee' and the Harlingen-Terschelling-Schaluppenrennen.