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Harlingen Earthenware and Tile Factory

Harlingen is a beautiful historical city known for its beautiful canals, impressive buildings and traditional sailing ships. If you visit this city by traditional sailing ship and are looking for a fun activity ashore, a visit to the Harlingen Pottery and Tile Factory is definitely a must.

Craftsmanship since 1598

The Harlingen Pottery and Tile Factory is a unique attraction in the city where you can learn about the rich history of pottery and tile production in Harlingen. Established in 1598, the factory has a long and fascinating history. Here you can see how craftsmen produce pottery and tiles in the traditional way.

From classic to design

It is not only an interesting place for lovers of history, but also for art lovers. This is because the products produced here are of high quality and are still made using traditional methods. The result is beautiful pieces of pottery and tiles that perfectly reflect the craftsmanship of days gone by.


A visit to the Harlingen Pottery and Tile Factory is not only informative and fun, but also interactive. You can participate in workshops and learn how to make pottery and tiles yourself. These workshops are suitable for young and old and are a perfect way to spend a fun and creative afternoon in Harlingen.

More information

Are you interested in visiting the Harlingen Pottery and Tile Factory? Check out the Harlingen Pottery & Tile Factory website for more information, opening hours and special arrangements for groups.