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Because of its location on the coast, Makkum was traditionally a port and fishing place and the center of the pottery industry. There were stone factories, pan works, wood, oil, paper and peeling mills, shipyards and more than 100 lime kilns. Makkum is still famous for the four centuries old pottery of the Tichelaar family (a 'tichelaer' was a tile painter) and the younger company Altena & Krooyenga. Via the Moors in the 17th century the Persian technique came via Italy to the Netherlands and Makkum. Everywhere in the world Frisian porcelain hangs, baked in its own way and painted by hand. The Royal Tichelaar Makkum is the only remaining factory of tin glaze earthenware in the Netherlands.


Now Makkum also has a magical sound in the field of shipbuilding and water sports. The beautiful boulevard on the IJsselmeer coast with its boutiques, the beach, the pier and the cozy terraces, has a southern allure. Other attractions are the 17th century weigh house in the center of Makkum, which now houses the tourist office. In the harbor there is an old cannon and the lie bank that you drop off when you leave or wait when you arrive.