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The legend tells us that two Frisian fishermen founded the city after they had moored at the banks of the Amstel. The first evidence of Amsterdam's existence dates back to 1275. The city flourished due to the problems of the city of Antwerp in the 16th century. Antwerp was known to be looted by the Spaniards and the wealthy merchants then sought their fortune in Amsterdam. They shifted their activities to this city and brought Amsterdam, starting in the 17th century, to great prosperity. For this reason, there is a diamond industry both in Antwerp and in the Dutch capital.

Capital of the Netherlands

The dealers also founded the United East and West India Company. In the Golden Age, the city has established its position as the capital of the Netherlands. The three main canals were also dug in the 17th century: the Heren-, Keizers- and Prinsengracht. Along these three canals you will also find all the lordly merchant houses.

There is something for every taste

Today, Amsterdam is a city where life rages - by day and by night. The rich culture and nightlife are equally famous and the beauty of the canal belt, the Jordaan district, the many museums and the great concerts are well known. There is a lot to do on foot and you can get almost anywhere. Amsterdam means exciting shopping streets, small specialty shops, trendy cafes, cozy squares and beautiful parks like the Vondelpark. Museum lovers will love the world-famous museums such as the Anne Frank Museum and the National Museum. 'The Nightwatch', the most famous painting by Rembrandt, has already captivated millions of visitors.