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Anne Frank House

The Anne Frank House

Anne Frank was a Jewish girl and one of the most famous inhabitants of Amsterdam. In her diary, in which she wrote about her life in this house, which was the hiding place during World War II, is one of the most famous books, translated into 70 languages. The museum at Prinsensgracht 263 shows an exhibition about the life in the house, anti-Semitism and the World War II

The story of the Anne Frank House

The house in the Prinsensgracht, built in 1635, was initially the headquarters of Otto Frank's company, the father of Anne Frank. The building consists of a front building and a rear building, which can be entered through a secret door behind a bookcase. It served as a hiding place for the Frank family and four other people during the period of 1942-1944. In August 1944, all residents and the two helpers were arrested and deported. After the return of Otto Frank and the successful diary of his daughter Anne, the old company building and hideout became a museum in 1960.

About the Anne Frank House

In the Anne Frank House house old manuscripts and documents exposed. The diaries and the "beautiful treasures book " are also a part of the exhibition. The atmosphere in the museum is authentic and there are still traces of the family everywhere. The museum explores the history of the Frank family, the four roommates and the helpers. Anti-Semitism and the Second World War are also in the spotlight of the exhibition. Because the Anne Frank House is very popular you should buy the tickets in advance to avoid long waiting times.