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The New Church Amsterdam

The story of Nieuwe Kerk

The Nieuwe Kerk was built due to the growing population and completed at the beginning of the 15th century. Originally built in the Renaissance style, the church underwent three fires in the city, the last one, in 1645. This damaged the church  so bad that it had to be rebuilt in gothic style. Because the church became reformed in 1578, it was rebuilt without church towers. Despite a comprehensive renovation from 1892 - 1914, the church had to be renovated in 1959 again. This was very expensive, so the build was handed over to a cultural foundation in 1979. Today, there are no church services in the Nieuwe Kerk. Instead, it is used during official ceremonies, exhibitions and concerts. The coronation and royal weddings are also celebrated in the church.

What you can see in the Nieuwe Kerk

The huge church is mainly used for exhibitions or concerts. It is known for her high-profile exhibitions on the topics of art, culture and photography. Royal ceremonies, official gatherings and cultural events also take place in or around the church. Visit to one of the most important monuments of Amsterdam.