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Oudheidkamer Lemster Fiifgea

The name Lemster Fiifgea is the medieval name for the region around Lemmer. In the museum you can find a piece of Lemmer's history with the former fishing and shipping of the Zuiderzee. 

History of the local history museum Lemster Fiifgea 

First the Regional Museum was located in the monumental town hall (1898) of Lemsterland, the centre of Lemmer. Meanwhile the local museum 'Lemster Fiifgea' has moved from the ground floor of the former town hall to Nieuwburen.

About the local museum Lemster Fiifgea

The largest and most important part of the collection is the art ceramic collection of the former ceramic factory of Cornelis Steenstra in Lemster. This pottery is decorated in the so-called Frisian notch-cutting technique. You will also find objects from former fishing and shipping on the Zuiderzee, from peat extraction and from former daily life in Lemmer. There is also a large collection of photos of all the villages in Lemsterland and changing exhibitions throughout the year.