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In the largest steam pumping station in the world, volunteers will tell you all about the fight against the water. There is an informative exhibition in the visitor centre and the chief engineer of the pumping station shows you what happens when the pumping station is switched on in the steam pumping station. There are special rules for children and schools.

History of the Woudagemaal Pumping Station

In the 19th and first half of the 20th century, large parts of Friesland were flooded by water, which led to severe flooding. To prevent this in the future, the first plans for the construction of a steam pumping station were made in 1913. Since 1920 the pumping station has been operated at high water levels to pump the excess water out of the grinding bowls. Since 1966 there has been a more modern pumping station in Stavoren, but the steam pumping station in Lemmer is still used today by the Frisian water industry.

About the Woudagemaal Pumping station

At the Woudagemaal pumping station you will learn all about the fight against water and the technology and architecture of the steam station. It is an entertaining and educational experience for young and old to visit the informative and interactive exhibition. You can also go to the cinema, go on a treasure hunt or be inspired by 3D animations and adventure objects. A visit to the steam pumping station is the highlight for many, because the chief engineer of the steam pumping station will show you what happens when the pumping station is switched on.