Weekend away IJsselmeer

Weekend away IJsselmeer

Are you looking for a unique way to spend a weekend away with friends, family or colleagues? Then book one of our authentic sailing ships for a weekend full of fun, action and relaxation, on and around the IJsselmeer.

You will enjoy sailing during the day and because the destinations around the IJsselmeer are not too far from each other, you will have enough time left over for a museum visit, a walk, a bike ride or a restaurant in a cosy harbour town. So you can enjoy beautiful views and a cosy harbour town.

After a weekend of sailing, enjoyment and active relaxation, you are guaranteed to be fit for another day!

Why sail on the IJsselmeer

Sailing is the ultimate way to relaxe. On our ships, we offer you:

  • a varied sailing trip on the IJsselmeer.
  • plenty of time for each other in a unique accommodation.
  • new experiences. Discover Stavoren, Medemblik or Urk, for example.

What to experience during a sailing trip on the IJsselmeer

There are so many possibilities on board our ships! If you like to be active and enjoy the fresh air, you can help hoist the sails or take over the helm from the skipper. He or she will be happy to explain how to steer the ship. But none of this is necessary.

You can also find a sheltered spot in the sun and enjoy the view, the wind, the birds and the water in peace and quiet. Or sit down in the cosy, warm saloon to finally read that book you've been looking forward to for so long, or play endless games with the rest of the party.

What to do in the harbour towns around the IJsselmeer

In consultation with the skipper, you can visit numerous fun and interesting harbour towns. For example, sail to Medemblik and visit Radboud Castle, where you can learn all about life in the Middle Ages. This is fun for children too: they can do a treasure hunt through the castle. Or go back in time at the Bakery Museum, where you can also see how marzipan, confectionery and ice cream are made.

But you can also go to Urk, for a nice fresh fish or a visit to the lighthouse. Stavoren is also highly recommended. This old Hanseatic town still has an authentic city centre full of beautiful monumental buildings, and of course plenty of shops and boutiques for great shopping!

Is the trip fun for everyone?

A cruise on the IJsselmeer is fun for young and old. Our ships are also safe for small children and the elderly, and are equipped with every comfort. And because there is so much to do around the IJsselmeer, you won't be bored for a moment!

Duration of the IJsselmeer package

You can book a (short) weekend. Would you rather visit several places? Then extend the weekend to a long weekend.

During your cruise on the IJsselmeer, you will have plenty of choice. Together with the skipper, you will check the weather and wind conditions and determine the route and programme. The skipper will take your wishes into account as much as possible.

Possible daily schedule

  • Meeting (palaver) in the harbour, after which the ropes are cast off and you sail towards the IJsselmeer
  • You sail to one of the beautiful harbour towns on the former Zuiderzee, such as Enkhuizen, Urk, Stavoren, Lemmer or Medemblik
  • During the sailing trip, you can relax on deck or help the crew with the sailing while they teach you the tricks of the trade
  • Along the way, prepare something to eat or drink in the ship's well-equipped kitchen
  • After docking in port, you will have plenty of time for a museum visit, a walk, a bike ride or a restaurant in the cosy harbour town
  • Or you stay on board for a drink on deck in a relaxed atmosphere, play a game in the cosy dayroom or find a cosy restaurant or cafĂ© in the port town
  • You sleep in a comfortable cabin on board the sailing ship

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