• Out on the open water on the two-masted clipper Hester

    Lelystad, 14 February 2018 - From the nautical Hanseatic city of Kampen you can sail swiftly out towards the IJsselmeer, Markermeer or the Frisian (Wadden) islands on the convivial, 40-metre-long clipper. The possibilities on and in the water are endless. Whether you’re keen to muck in and help hoist the sail or would prefer to relax and just enjoy being together with the group in an anchorage, anything’s possible on board the Hester. They do their utmost to give their guests an unforgettable experience each and every time, and strike the right balance between being active and relaxing.

  • Introducing: Zippi, captain on the Klipper Allure

    Introducing: Zippi, captain on the Klipper Allure

    Lelystad, 2 February 2018 – The comfortable, spacious clipper Allure is owned by captain Zippi. She’s crazy about sailing, is a great listener and prefers to decide where the sailing trip will head together with the group. Whether it’s a wonderful meandering trip across the IJsselmeer, the Markermeer or the Wadden Sea. At the end of the day she’s of the opinion that it’s not about the destination but much more importantly about everyone feeling at home and able to relax on board her convivial, 32-metre-long ship.

  • The NAUPAR ships are ready for the winter

    Lelystad, 8 November 2017 – Winter is right around the corner, but that’s not something we need to remind our captains of, as several ships have already undergone a (minor) metamorphosis and are now 100% prepared for the winter. These changes range from placing a heater aboard the Abel Tasman and patio heater on the deck of the Summertime to double glazing on the Pouwel Jonas. And many more changes!

  • Sailing the Wadden Sea with the Linde

    Andries Terpstra Linde

    Lelystad, 25 October 2017 - The impressive three mast clipper Linde is more than 100 years old. It was built in 1910 as a cargo vessel, but has since been transformed into an elegant and spacious sailing clipper, where guests can relax and enjoy the trip or actively take part in the sailing experience. During the past ten years of its eventful life, the ship has been owned by Captain Andries Terpstra, who has sailed the Dutch waterways on the boat with much pleasure.

  • Rare bird species breeding at Marker Wadden and you can watch!

    Lelystad, 12 September 2017 – Good news for birdwatchers! The new Marker Wadden has already proven to be a bird paradise and offers a safe place to brood to more than 2,000 breeding pairs. Natuurmonumenten (Society for the Preservation of Nature) is very pleased about this, as there are not only anenormous number of birds, but also species that rarely breed anywhere in the Netherlands anymore.