Introducing: Joyce Dankers, Financial Back Office Administrator at NAUPAR

Since as far back as 2008 Joyce Dankers has been seeing to it that the end-to-end financial and operational process runs smoothly for every booking placed with NAUPAR. In her own words: ‘The sheer variety of my work means that I’ve been happy here for nigh on a decade now’.

Working at NAUPAR

Joyce Dankers joined NAUPAR in July 2008. Her duties are extremely varied. ‘During the season I’m mainly kept occupied by the bookings and dealing with these, and outside of the season I do the bookkeeping and the figures. And I really like that combination, as every day I’m doing something different’, she explains. The moment a booking comes in she takes care of the contracts, payment, sourcing the catering and communication with the captain. Furthermore, she also takes care of the financial aspects of the bookings and the remainder of the bookkeeping.

When asked how her colleagues would describe her, she laughs: ‘They’d say I’m really direct and they sometimes have to laugh about how I come across. But they also say that I’m very nice’.

About Joyce

Joyce was always involved in competitive sailing until a few years ago. Nowadays she doesn’t sail any more, instead enjoying meeting up with friends and doing fun things during her free time. ‘And maybe the odd party now and then’, she adds.