Onto the Wadden Sea in the Auwe Neel

Lelystad, 18 December 2017 - From Enkhuizen you’ll sail straight onto the IJsselmeer or the Wadden Sea in the Auwe Neel, a clipper over 26 metres long. If you leave the decision to Wietske - the owner of the Auwe Neel - then she’ll set sail for the Wadden Sea as often as possible.

Sailing is in Wietske’s blood. She was born and bred on the Alberdina, on which her parents ran a ship repair firm. The family enjoyed sailing towards Denmark in the summer, taking guests with them too.

The Wadden Sea: on the World Heritage list for good reason

She prefers the Wadden Sea. ‘It’s on the World Heritage List for good reason. The area we’re allowed to use is truly unique, but we do need to protect it as well.’ This is a message Wietske endeavours to pass on to her guests too. When the Auwe Neel runs aground on the mudflats, she happily shares her extensive knowledge of this area.

A sturdy clipper, with ample facilities

The Auwe Neel is a great vessel to be aboard. There’s even a modest international library on board... ‘If we have guests who like nothing more than to lose themselves in a good book, then we’re happy for them to take one away, as long as they leave another book behind.’

Safety first

The annual maintenance is scheduled for this winter. No major items this year, but some painting and some minor jobs. The major things have all been taken care of over the past few years. Great strides have been made in terms of safety in particular.
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