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Sailing Wadden Sea

The Wadden Sea is Holland’s largest nature reserve and it is protected with the greatest of care. The shipping industry is subjected to strict rules in this area, but within these rules there is still plenty to enjoy.

Standing clear of the water

On the Wadden, because of the tide, you can stand clear of the water. It is a unique and extraordinary experience to disembark your ship in the middle of the open sea and to take a walk around it. You can look at the shells and birds from close by and with a bit of luck you will even be able to admire the seals jolting clumsily along the sand on a sandbank nearby.  You own private seal show!

Sailing to the West Frisian islands

The islands as well have plenty of scenic nature to offer. Think of, for example, the Slufter on Texel, the Vlieland dunes, the Boschplaat on Terschelling, and the beaches stretching for miles and the seemingly endless cycle tracks through the dunes.