The best activities on board? Check out NAUPAR's top three!

Lelystad, 25 July 2017 – Of course, NAUPAR sailing trips are unforgettable no matter what, whether you step on board a traditional sailing boat and discover the IJsselmeer or Wadden Sea or visit a harbour city and spend the night on the ship, only to pop up on deck the next day feeling refreshed and rejuvenated, ready for day two! But to make your trip even more unforgettable, NAUPAR has put together a list of the three most enjoyable activities on board.

NAUPAR"S top 3

The ship leaves the harbour and everyone pulls on the ropes to help hoist the sails before setting off. This is followed by the second activity: determining the route and navigating! Discuss the route to be sailed together with the captain. He or she knows a great deal about what kind of weather and wind direction can be expected and what is possible - and what is not. Once the route has been decided, you can navigate using a compass. While you"re busy with the compass, the youngest member of your group can take the helm! With the help of the captain, of course.

1. Hoisting the sails
2. Navigating with a compass
3. Taking the helm

New: Theme Packages

To make your trip even more fun, NAUPAR now offers Theme Packages. These range from an arts &crafts and game kit for the kids to full-blown beer and wine tastings for the adults.

Want to carry out the top 3 activities on board? Book the ship of your choice and get ready for an extraordinary sailing trip!