The Tsjerk Hiddes, a unique stevenaak sailing ship from 1881!

Lelystad, 1 November 2017 - Since 2003, the sailing ship "Tsjerk Hiddes" has been owned by Captain Peter Hassing, an enthusiastic and passionate sailor who not only knows his ship in and out, but is very proud of this unique and luxuriously equipped stevenaak.

Built in 1881, but continues to sail across the Wadden Sea

This type of sailing ship is rare in the Netherlands and, as far as is known, the Tsjerk Hiddes is the largest stevenaak still sailing the Dutch waterways. The ship was built in 1881 to transport goods. Although its exact history is not known, the Tsjerk Hiddes most likely initially sailed the Dutch rivers and the Zuiderzee (of the time) and Wadden Sea. Nowadays, Captain Peter primarily sails the Wadden Sea, although the IJsselmeer is also among possible destinations.

Space, light and luxury

What makes Peter's sailing ship so unique is the details: it is forty metres long yet designed for "only" 24 to 30 persons. This translates into plenty of space for guests. The wooden interior of the ship is also hand-carved. In addition, there is a spacious galley and plenty of cabins, all of which have their own shower and toilet. The ship also has a large, light-filled salon, perfect for relaxing when the weather gets chilly. Its large windows let guests enjoy the magnificent views of the Wadden Sea or lively harbour.

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