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Bicycle tour over the island Terschelling

The many cycle paths on Terschelling offer a varied view and that is something that is not possible in many places in the Netherlands. On Terschelling you look out over the sea one moment and the next minute you are in the middle of the countryside. The atmospheric villages seem to come from a different time!

Excellent bike path

The nice thing about a bike ride on Terschelling is that the island has safe, extensive bike paths. It is an ideal place to relax with your companions and cycle at your leisure. In most cases you don’t have to look back to see if there is a car arriving, because Terschelling is known as a safe place. This way you have plenty of time to take in the beautiful nature!

Experience Terschelling by bike

Terschelling is known for its landscape and beaches. Tourists from home and abroad come here often. During your bike ride on the island you will encounter the best sights. For example, you should not miss the lighthouse 'Brandaris' (1594). And also visit the nature reserve De Boschplaat where you experience pure silence. Wherever the cycling tour on Terschelling takes you, it is promised to be a special experience. It is beautiful everywhere! Half of the island is, after all, a nature reserve.


At the shore