Foto in traditional costume

Reminder to Volendam

The Netherlands, Spain, America, hundreds or thousands of visitors from all corners of the world have already been photographed in a traditional costume in Volendam. A tangible and lasting memory of your visit to Volendam. Especially the fact that everyone, young or old, can dress up in this kind of business, contributes to the popularity of this 'outing'. Just fitting the costumes, clogs and hats creates hilarious situations. The outcome of this, the Photo, is a nice memory. And a meaningful one! A special feature of the mostly handmade costumes is that they used to be worn by Volendammers and some of them still wear them from time to time. If desired, it is possible to take a photo with a whole group of up to 60 people in Volendam's interior. And of course there are also suitable costumes for the children!

Fun fact about Volendam costumes

Fun fact: did you know that Marco Borsato, Edwin van der Sar, Gerard Joling and Jan Smit have dressed up as Volendammer? Even Georgina Verbaan, Hennie Huisman, Danny de Munck and Gijs Staverman could not resist the temptation. So go for it!


At the shore