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Discover the Wadden Sea bottom

Discover the Wadden Sea bottom

To find out what the ground of the Wadden Sea looks like, how the Wadd “works” in general and what animals live there, researchers come to this unique area every year. They investigate the soil accurately and their excurion is being continued by a long lab research. Already the sand is very readable! For example, the size of the sand grains show how fast the water flows. Shellfish, crustaceans and worms tell how it is working with the food for the wadding birds.

Examine the soilduring sailing trip

Also during your cruise on the Wadden Sea you can investigate the ground on your own. When the ship falls dry, the skipper tells you more about it. It is the ideal way to learn more about the Wadden Sea, its ground and the animals and plants.

What dose falling dry mean?

For information: falling dry is the “shutdown” for a ship on a sandbank in the water. When weather and tide allow it, it is possible to stay still on the ground of the Wadden Sea with a large sailing ship. For skippers this is best working, because the ship is laying better than that.


On the boat