City walk in Amsterdam

The Hermitage of Amsterdam, the Rijksmuseum, the Anne Frank House, Science Center NEMO, Madame Tussauds ... One day in Amsterdam is actually not enough. This big, vibrant city has so much to offer! And so far we have not even talked about the many beautiful statues, squares, parks and streets. One thing is true: during your Amsterdam city walk you will come across the most beautiful sights!

Countless walking routs through Amsterdam

A city walk through Amsterdam is unique. Depending on which point you start, there are countless routes to take. If you choose to go along with a city guide, he / she tells you everything about the city's many attractions and it will be definitely an unforgettable, informative day. Nice to know: these city walks are often offered free of charge. Of course you can also wear you hiking boots and discover the city on you own.

Tip during a city walk in Amsterdam

In that case, please take a map or navigation app with you, you make sure, you will not lose the way. Amsterdam is famous for its many winding streets and roads.

Wondering how this city ever originated?

According to legend, two Frisian fishermen had founded the city centuries after they were tied up in the banks of the Amstel.


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