City walk in Enkhuizen

Walk through Enkhuizen 

The Zuiderzeemuseum, the Sprookjeswonderland, Cultural Center Drommedaris, the Zuiderchurch ... Enkhuizen is rich in sights, buildings and artworks. Here you can absolutely enjoy a day or several days. Don’t be lazy bones and discover the city at your own pace! In the inner city of Enkhuizen you can admire many historical buildings. For example Westerkerk, built in the 15th century, and the Zuiderkerk, built in 1423. But also the former city prison (1612) which serves as an exhibition center today. And the beautiful city hall definitely deserves a stop during the walk. Don’t forget about the Drommedaris: This city gate was built in 1540 and is today one of the city's best-known buildings.

History of Enkhuizen

The fact that you find so many old buildings, statues and works of art in Enkhuizen is due to the interesting history of the city. Enkhuizen has already originated in the Middle Ages, as port and fishing village. In the 17th century, the city had a blooming period: The trade by sea made the city very rich. In Enkhuizen at that time they knew the biggest herring fleet of the whole country! And a rich city, creates beautiful buildings, we can still enjoy them today!


At the shore