City walking tour in Hoorn

Walking through Hoorn

The best way to discover Hoorn is by a relaxed city walk. This is available at the Tourist Office, but you can of course also explore the city by yourself. If you take the right route, you can see the most beautiful and unique places in the city within 1.5 hours. Nice idea: at least two of every three buildings in Hoorn has a historical backround! The list of state monuments in the city is therefore very long. But it is surely like that: In the 16th and 17th centuries, it went very well with the city. Hoorn was then represented in the VOC, the West Indies Company, the Nordic Company (a Dutch whaling cartel) and Admiralty of the Noorderkwartier, that were in Hoorn at that time. Stroll around the harbours, warehouses and courtyards. The Old Horn is a paradise for hiking and culture lovers. And that culture is 'just' outside of the street. Among other things, the historical museums are a great example of this, for instance, at the Westfries Museum you can find out about the wealth of the Golden Age. Lots of fun!


At the shore