City walking tour in Kampen

Hanseatic city walk

In Kampen you can experience a real hanseatic city! You can start your walk in two different directions, buth both variants start at the NS Station of Kampen. The walking route is about five kilometers long and is usually walked within 1.5 to 2 hours. From the ancient city bridge and the former synagogue to the 15th century St. Annakapel and the famous New Tower, you will come across everything. For the route you can go to local bookstores and the tourist office.

More walking routes through Kampen

Although there are several hiking trails to walk, they all have at least one thing in common: they bring you piece by piece along the most special sights. For example, consider the Stedelijk Museum where you can admire a beautiful art collection. Or step into the authentic cigar factory 'De Olifant' once. The cigars are still made with 19th-century machines here. And that is a typical thing for Kampen, because around 1880 almost half of the Kamper population worked in the tobacco industry!

History of Kampen

In almost every building, on every square and in every park where you come, you will see the history of authentic Kampen. And that is certainly one to write a postcard from! Between the 13th and 16th century Kampen developed into one of the most powerful Hanseatic cities! All in all a unique city that you can explore on foot.


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