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Walking tour on the Marker Wadden

Since the construction of the Marker Wadden started, people talked about an 'interesting nature reserve'. But the Marker Wadden are much more than unique islands where people can moor their yachts and request information from the visitor center! Because there has also been created a beautiful hiking route! The hiking route is about 10 kilometers long and passes along several bird watching huts. Definitely a place to be for hiking and nature lovers! Go hiking and watch the beautiful nature! Besides the hiking trails there is much more to see and to do on the Marker Wadden. For example the fine recreational beach and the 12 meter high watchtower. And of course various playgrounds for the kids! In short: the Marker Wadden are a place where Young and old can relax. The realization of the Marker Wadden started with the beginning of 2016. The reason was clear: a suffocating layer of sludge had virtually stopped biological productivity in the Markermeer. The Marker Wadden had to change this and that certainly happened. With better water quality, new soil life, a richer fish stock and more birds as a result.


At the shore