City walking tour in Sneek

Sneek, a wonderful destination after your sailing trip, is located in the heart of Friesland and is known for its rich culture, breathtaking canals and historical sights. A city walk through the centre of Sneek will take you on a journey into the past. During this exploration, you will encounter various historical sights, each with a unique background that will amaze you. So after your sailing trip, put on your walking shoes, take a deep breath and get carried away by the rich history of this enchanting city.

On a city walk through Sneek, you are sure to come across these sights

  • The Sneeker Waterpoort is the most famous water gate in the Netherlands. It is estimated that the gate was built around 1492, the same year Sneek got its city wall. The gate stopped access by water to the town.
  • The Martini church on Marktstraat is an eye-catcher in Sneek. The building history of this church starts in the 11th century, but that copy has disappeared. Construction of a new church in the Gothic style began in 1498, and the result can be admired today. Incidentally, the current Martini church was partly built on the foundations of the old church from the 11th century. The interior of the church is breathtaking, with beautiful vault paintings and an impressive organ. The Martinikerk is about the same age as Sneek's Town Hall.
  • The Sneker Bolwerk is a remnant of the historic city walls that surrounded Sneek in the past. The bulwark offered protection from invaders and now offers stunning views of the town and its surroundings. Enjoy the serene atmosphere as you explore the city walls.
  • Weduwe Joustra at Kleinzand 32, an authentic liquor store with tasting room of one of Friesland's best-known drinks. Weduwe Joustra was originally founded by the widow of Hendrik Beerenburg, who inherited Adonis Berenburger's recipe and continued the business. In the shop, you will discover the production process, from collecting the herbs to distilling and bottling the Berenburg, and you can even taste the different varieties of Berenburg in the tasting room in the attic.
  • And if you look closely in the canals, you will also spot a fountain from the 11fountains project of the Frisian Eleven Cities in Sneek. This time it is a man on a golden globe, spinning in circles while holding the Horn of Plenty.

Rather go out with a map

The Walking Route 11fountains will take you past all the sights in Sneek.

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