City walking tour in Sneek

During your city walk through Sneek you will encounter various sights. For example the Sneeker Waterpoort now; This national monument is the most famous water port of the whole country! It is estimated that the gate was built around 1492, in that year Sneek also got the city wall. The gate stopped the access over water to the city. The Martinichurch is also an eyecatcher in Sneek. The building history of this church begins in the 11th century, but that copy has disappeared. In 1498 they began to buid a new church in Gothic style and the result can be admired today. The current Martinichurch was partly built on the foundations of the ancient church of the 11th century. The Martinichurch is about as old as the town hall in Sneek. The date of the town hall is back in 1480 and was restored in 1550 to the shape we can still see today. In the 18th century the city hall of Sneek was furnished with a new facade with richly city sculptured bordes. During the city walk through Sneek you will encounter the Sneeker Waterpoort, the Martinichurch and the old town hall. Lots of fun!


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